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Why a Passive House data base?

Find existing Passive House examples in your region

A good method to spread a new technology like Passive House standard is to demonstrate already existing Passive House buildings. The European Passive House data base has been developed within the PASS-NET project and will be continuously updated with new projects in all participating countries.

The database helps interested persons to get an overview of existing buildings (e.g. single family houses, social buildings, public buildings) in the region and to get in touch with the planners and architects

Overview of the development of the Passive House building sector

  • “How many Passive House buildings exist in which European country?”
  • “Which kind of buildings are those?”
  • “How did the Passive House market develop during the last years?”

Since the database also includes statistic analysis, questions like those mentioned above can be answered by a “mouse click”. This information helps stakeholders such as politicians, building developers or producers of construction materials to integrate Passive House technology in their future planning.


European Passive House data base