Establishment of a Co-operation Network of Passive House Promoters (PASS-NET)

Within the PASS-NET project Passive House training materials for a 2 days basic training seminar have been developed in English language and will be translated in the national languages of the network partners.

Concept for organising the Passive House seminar

Report about passnet seminars for specialists

Promotion flyer for seminars

Passive House Seminar for the Professionals from the Building Sector

Status: October 2009

Day 1 (for download please register)

  • 1.1 What is a Passive House?
  • 1.2 Design According to the Passive House Criteria
  • 1.3 Design – Heating Systems and Energy Supply
  • 1.4 Design - Ventilation Systems
  • 1.5 Design - Solar Energy Utilisation
  • 1.6 Design - Solar Shadings
  • 1.7 Design - Air tightness
  • 1.8 Design – Windows

Day 2 (for download please register)

  • 2.1 Energy calculation incl. PHPP
  • 2.2 Energy Statistics and Certification
  • 2.3 Planning and Concept Developement
  • 2.4 Realisation and Construction Processes
Information about an intense training course for passive house designer on European level you can find at:

For further information please contact: Mag.a Sylvia Tanzer ( or DI Gerhard Bayer (