Bringing The Old Hollywood to Your Home

If you ask people about the golden age of Hollywood, many are going to tell you about the ’60s, and there is no doubt that 60s was the golden age. Everywhere, the one thing that was constant was the glamour, making the ordinary looking homes feel like palaces and luxury hotels.

However, a lot has changed and the world has moved towards a more somber and subtle scheme like minimalism, and other similar attributes. However, that is not bad at all. Still, for those who are thinking about bringing the old Hollywood back into your home, there are some ways you can easily do that.

With that said, if you are making up your mind about transforming your home into something that looks straight out of 60’s Hollywood, you are at the right spot. Let’s have a look.

Spice Up The Entrance

Many people are under the impression that the entrances do not hold much ground, however, that is not true. I suggest that you invest in the patios, or the front yards of your house, and invest in some flowers, or other plants. You can even go for something like tables, and chairs made out of wrought iron, and colorful cushions to complement them.

Make The Pool More Enjoyable

The poolside is often considered to be one of the boring parts, even though the right person can have a lot of funs with what is at hand. However, I would highly suggest that you make the poolside more enjoyable by having a small bar there. A mini-bar would be great, and even if you have kids coming over, some soft drinks for them will not be an issue.

A Glorious Table For The Glorious Home

The ’60s were all about extravagant tables set up with more food than you could possibly imagine. Once the guest starts feeling hungry, it is time to bring them in and give them some amazing food. You do not have to go fancy or overboard with food, but matching tables and chairs would go a long way.

Screen Some Movies

Another really cool thing you can do to make things more interesting is to screen some movies. Again, an idea not many people think about. However, do it with a twist, and instead of going with something like a traditional movie player, opt with a projector to give you that realistic, 60’s feel.

Tweaking The Bedrooms

Once you are finally done with everything, the next thing is to take care of the bedrooms. If you really want to give them the old, homely, and extravagant vibes of the ’60s, I would suggest that you opt for pastel shades. I know that they sound vintage but think for yourself, isn’t that what you are trying to opt for in the first place?

Sure, you can always mix and match, but do keep this in mind that mixing and matching might end up the wrong way, and that never is the right thing.

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