Here is What You Can Remodel With $5,000

Remodeling is not something that comes cheap. I think we all agree to that, you can ask any remodeler and you would be told about how there are delays, unintended costs, and other similar issues in the remodeling process. However, this is something many new homeowners are not aware of, the same goes for people who have never gotten remodeling done.  This means that at times, your expectations do not really match up, and that can lead to issues that most people go through.

Suppose you have $5,000 to remodel, which is something many people would keep with them when it comes to remodeling, Now we know that the amount is no slouch, but when it comes to remodeling, you might not be able to go a lot far because remodeling can be expensive.

So, keeping that in mind, the thing that we must wonder is… what exactly can a $5,000 get you when it comes to remodeling? Let’s have a look.

Remodeling The Kitchen

The thing about remodeling the kitchen is that a lot of people put attention to this. It certainly is a good thing since the kitchen happens to be one of the places that are used most often. However, the biggest issue with kitchen remodeling is that it can be expensive, a lot more than you might think.

If you are limited to the $5,000 budget, then you can opt for options such as a new paint job, or something like new appliances, as well as investing in a backsplash. Anything other than these things, and you might have to pay more for the remodeling.

Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom is the second part of the house that is prone to the remodeling process. However, as compared to the kitchen area, bathrooms are comparatively cheaper to remodel. Most homeowners do not intend to spend a lot of money on renovating the bathroom. Still, in $5,000, you can get some really nice renovation. However, be careful about compromises because you can end up making the bathroom look out of place.


Flooring is another thing that you can go for when it comes to remodeling, and the best way is to go with hardwood flooring, which does cost more but is a much better alternative than some of the other options available in the market.

Painting The House

This is perhaps the cheapest and very effective renovation idea that you can use. I know it might sound strange, but sometimes, just painting the house can be a huge remodeling effort as it can change the entire look and feel of the house.

Although the painting process does not cost a lot of money, the price can largely be influenced by the type of paint you go with. So, whenever you are thinking about making such a change, considering these things are definitely a good thing to do because you will have a proper idea as to how much you should spend.

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