How to Fix a Door That Refuses to Stay Closed

If you are dealing with a door that refuses to stay closed, chances are that the door itself is not aligned properly at the hinges, or at some different location. This can happen due to various reasons; settling f the building, improper installation of the door or the damage to the overall frame of the door can be a reason behind that. Now the doors are usually heavier in nature, the good news is that if you want to repair them, you do not need to call someone to do that for you, because following the easy steps in this article, you can make the repairs on your own.

In this article, we are going to take a look at how you can fix a door that refuses to stay closed. The good thing is that the process for that is rather easy, so you really will not run into any issues.

Step 1: The first step is to take a Phillips head screwdriver, and tighten the door hinges. This is perhaps the most common reason.

Step 2: Now shut the door and look for the gap between the door and the frame that can be found alongside the latch The gap should be even across all the sides. However, if it is wider at one end and narrowed at the other, simply remove the screws in the hinge that is close to the gap that is wider.

Step 3: Now grab an index card or a thick paper, and fit it between the hinge and the surface where the hinge gets screwed into the door, and screw the hinge back. Screwing this will be a bit tough, but you will be able to close the gap. If the gap does not get closed, feel free to use another card.

Step 4: Now slowly close the front door, and look for the strike plate and the latch and check if the latch is hitting a bit too low or too high. If you see any misalignment, try enlarging the hole in the strike plate using a file.

Step 5: However, if the misalignment is too large, then remove both the latch and the strike plate and use a chisel to expand the groove for the strike plate. Once that is done, attach the strike plate again and see if it is properly aligning or not.

The good thing about this tutorial is that it is simple and should be accomplished by using the tools that you have at home. However, if you are still running into the issues and the door simply does not stay closed on its own, hiring a handyman and have him take a look at the door is certainly a nice idea.

Sure, you will have to pay more money but at least you will get the door fixed, and have it close properly without any issues whatsoever.

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