Informational Introduction to Solar Generators

Before we talk about anything, we wish to clear out that solar generators are not plain generators that are powered by solar panels nor does it refer to the solar power that is generated via different means. They are a device on their own and its sole purpose is to generate and store solar power in a single unit. It is a product that is slowly infiltrating the market but there is not a lot of information on it which is why we have decided to educate our readers about the main points of it.

When it comes to solar power generators, the main parts that you will find in them are solar panels, battery charger, solar batteries, and inverter. If you are worried about the voltage of the machine then you should know that it depends upon the voltage of battery bank which is why you will find that most commonly, the voltage that the generator operates at is 12, 24 or 48 volts. When it comes to buying the battery charger, many people do not understand its purpose but it is pretty straightforward as the main purpose is to convert the energy received from the solar panels into the voltage that is needed by the battery bank.

The second purpose it performs is controlling the flow and intensity of the electricity that is supposed to go on to the solar batteries. One thing that needs to be emphasized here is that the solar batteries are pretty delicate which means that only controlled electricity should be directed towards and out of them. As human beings do not only need the solar energy to be produced by the device, they need to use it whenever they want so that is exactly what the battery does i.e. it stores it for use at any time.

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