Will Your Mascara Expire?

If you understand that your beauty products and cosmetics are made out of certain organic chemicals, then it’ll make sense to you that sooner or later, your cosmetics will go bad and you might have to throw them away. But what if you don’t? Skin masks and the like have some active ingredients in them that could potentially be trouble if applied past the expiration date but what about make up? Does make up go bad? What happens if you use expired make up?

The safest thing to do is to not use anything that’s past its expiration date but after you spend all that money on some good mascara, you’ll want to make the most of it. Even if your favourite mascara expires, you’ll still want to keep wearing it as long as nothing bad happens to you. Your mascara probably won’t even smell bad after it expires. It seems like there’s no harm to keep using it but you should actually throw away your expired mascara straight away – it’s dangerous.

This may sound like some sort of a scheme to make women buy more make up but you should replace your clear mascaras every six months at the most, even if they aren’t expired! You see, each time you use your mascara and put the applicator back into the tube, you’re putting bacteria from your eyelashes back in there too. Your eyelashes catch a lot of bacteria and harmful air borne debris and keeps them from entering your eyes. Your mascara applicator picks these up each time.

This also means that it’s a bad idea to share your mascara with anyone else. Ladies love sharing their make-up but when it comes to your mascara, treat it like how you treat your toothbrush and don’t share.

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